Read more on how the flexibilities and discretions listed below were agreed and how to apply for a new one.

Last updated 26 May 2021


This table includes all apprenticeship standards with temporary discretions or other flexibilities which go above and beyond our full COVID-19 guidance.

For example, the Institute has agreed to many tailored changes to help make sure end-point assessment can continue to take place.

All those listed below have been agreed by the Institute and/or the external quality assurance provider.

We are continuing to work with external quality assurance providers and our taskforces to confirm where other standards require such measures, and as these are confirmed we will update this table to reflect the latest position.

Code Standard
ST0001 Accountancy/taxation professional
ST0004 Actuarial technician
ST0005 Adult care worker
ST0211 Advanced beauty therapist
ST0077 Advanced butcher
ST0644 Advertising and media executive
ST0627 Ambulance support worker (emergency, urgent and non-urgent)
ST0397 Animal care and welfare assistant
ST0223 Arborist
ST0287 Associate ambulance practitioner
ST0310 Associate project manager
ST0002 Assistant Accountant
ST0031 Automotive glazing technician
ST0037 ​Aviation Ground Operative
ST0191 Baker
ST0636 Beauty and make-up consultant
ST0630 Beauty therapist
ST0070 Business administrator
ST0067 Bus and coach engineering technician
ST0078 Butcher
ST0558 Cabin crew
ST0272 Chartered manager (degree)
ST0227 Chef De Partie
ST0228 Commis chef
ST0313 Commercial procurement and supply (formerly Public sector commercial professional)
ST0478 Community Activator Coach
ST0093 Community sport and health officer
ST0023 Control / technical support engineer (degree)
ST0106 Creative venue technician
ST0386 Custody and detention officer
ST0072 Customer service practitioner
ST0071 Customer service specialist
ST0114 Cyber intrusion analyst
ST0124 Cyber security technologist
ST0118 Data analyst
ST0113 Dental nurse
ST0482 Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist
ST0122 Digital marketer
ST0120 Digital support technician
ST0158 Dual fuel smart meter installer
ST0150 Electrical, electronic product service and installation engineer
ST0024 Electrical. electronic technical support engineer (degree)
ST0483 Emergency services contact handler
ST0162 Engineering construction pipefitter
ST0164 Engineering design and draughtsperson
ST0537 Engineering operative
ST0457 Engineering technician
ST0166 Equine groom
ST0103 Express delivery operative
ST0617 Facilities service operative
ST0374 Financial adviser
ST0178 Financial services customer adviser
ST0472 Financial services professional
ST0194 Fishmonger
ST0654 Fitted furniture design technician
ST0196 Food and drink advanced process operator
ST0195 Food and drink maintenance engineer 
ST0199 Food and drink process operator
ST0224 Forest operative
ST0203 Furniture manufacturer
ST0155 Gas engineering operative
ST0205 Gas network craftsperson
ST0213 Hair professional
ST0215 Healthcare assistant practitioner
ST0218 Healthcare science assistant
ST0220 Healthcare science associate
ST0413 Healthcare science practitioner (degree)
ST0216 Healthcare support worker
ST0068 Heavy vehicle service and maintenance technician
ST0225 Horticulture and land operative
ST0229 Hospitality manager
ST0230 Hospitality supervisor
ST0233 Hospitality team member
ST0238 HR Consultant Partner
ST0239 HR support
ST0192 Improvement practitioner
ST0125 Infrastructure technician
ST0240 Insurance practitioner
ST0241 Insurance professional
ST0117 IS Business Analyst
ST0115 IT technical salesperson
ST0347 Junior 2D artist (visual effects)
ST0329 Junior estate agent
ST0247 Laboratory scientist
ST0626 Laboratory scientist (degree)
ST0248 Laboratory technician
ST0242 Land-based service engineer
ST0257 Large goods vehicle (LGV) driver
ST0006 Lead adult care worker
ST0301 Leisure duty manager
ST0418 Learning mentor
ST0562  Learning and development practitioner
ST0563 Learning and development business partner
ST0154 Maintenance and operations engineering technician
ST0583 Mammography associate
ST0025 Manufacturing engineer (degree)
ST0427 Marine pilot
ST0596 Marketing executive
ST0612 Marketing manager
ST0507 Metal recycling operative
ST0182 Mortgage adviser
ST0033 Motor vehicle service and maintenance technician (light vehicle)
ST0635 Nail services technician
ST0127 Network engineer
ST0291 Nuclear Operative
ST0380 Nuclear Technician
ST0827 Nursing associate
ST0385 Operations or departmental manager
ST0530 Optical Assistant
ST0339 Passenger Transport Onboard and Station Team Member
ST0338 Passenger Transport Driver – Bus and Coach option only
ST0073 Payroll Administrator
ST0526 Policy officer
ST0589 Production chef
ST0027 Product design and development engineer (degree)
ST0003 Professional accounting/taxation technician
ST0171 Property maintenance operative
ST0311 Public relations and communications assistant
ST0419 Rail infrastructure operator
ST0320 Recruitment Consultant
ST0321 Recruitment Resourcer
ST0781 Registered nurse
ST0184 Relationship Manager (Banking)
ST0327 Retailer
ST0325 Retail manager
ST0326 Retail team leader
ST0249 Science industry maintenance technician
ST0422 Science Manufacturing Process Operative
ST0250 Science manufacturing technician
ST0363 Senior compliance / risk specialist
ST0167 Senior equine groom
ST0217 Senior healthcare support worker
ST0561 Senior investment / commercial banking professional
ST0232 Senior production chef
ST0116 Software developer
ST0128 Software development technician
ST0129 Software tester
ST0524 Sport Excellence Professional
ST0017 Stockperson (beef, pigs, sheep, dairy)
ST0201 Supply chain practitioner
ST0259 Supply chain warehouse operative
ST0490 Teacher
ST0454 Teaching assistant
ST0384 Team leader or supervisor
ST0334 Trade supplier
ST0645 Train driver
ST0340 Travel consultant
ST0131 Unified communications trouble shooter
ST0159 Utilities Engineering Technicians
ST0130 Unified communications technician
ST0343 Veterinary nurse
ST0545 Waste Resources Operative
ST0160 Water process technician
ST0187 Workplace pensions