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We are running a short survey to get feedback on the site after the first 7 months

Celebrating women in STEM apprenticeships

We have produced a video celebrating Women in STEM careers and apprenticeships.

Improving the quality of apprenticeships in England

Antony Jenkins talks about the progress made during the first six months and our plans for the future

Transforming talent for today and tomorrow


The Institute empowers employers to help them create high quality apprenticeships.

We are an independent public body that works hand in hand with employer groups called trailblazers to develop apprenticeship standards and assessment plans. Our role is to ensure apprenticeships are the best they can be, meeting the needs of employers and learners alike.

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RT @ESFAdigital: Training providers – interested in being involved in a user panel for the apprenticeship service? Register your interest…

We have made amendments to the Gas network craftsperson #apprenticeship standard - please see the change log for mo… https://t.co/g7EkvYY4or

Following up from our video on what external quality assurance is, Alex Morris explains who can deliver #EQAhttps://t.co/Jlpvqsd1Tf

Alex Morris explains what external quality assurance is in this short video - read more about #EQA on our website… https://t.co/BtyphZSHLO

We have made an amendment to the refrigeration air conditioning and heat pump engineering technician assessment pla… https://t.co/FRNl2QJ9UH

RT @emaanetwork: @IFAteched Jill Nicholls takes time out to present to @emaanetwork #fasterandbetter @Apprenticeships https://t.co/zB9Yp0lU…

We’ll work collaboratively with trailblazers to carry out the funding review in an open and fair way. Read on for m… https://t.co/4Hww4Iv9sa

RT @ESFAdigital: Our transfers blog gives the latest information https://t.co/qOdDWblScU pic.twitter.com/WZp1Dc71Qa

We are currently running a short survey to get feedback on our website after the first 7 months - take part in the… https://t.co/kb29o3pZrh

Our #apprenticeship standard for a Police community support officer is now approved for delivery #IFAstandardshttps://t.co/0OpcByWnov