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Transforming talent for today and tomorrow

Celebrating women in STEM apprenticeships

We have produced a video celebrating Women in STEM careers and apprenticeships.

Improving the quality of apprenticeships in England

Antony Jenkins talks about the progress made during the first six months and our plans for the future


The Institute empowers employers to help them create high quality apprenticeships.

We are an independent public body that works hand in hand with employer groups called trailblazers to develop apprenticeship standards and assessment plans. Our role is to ensure apprenticeships are the best they can be, meeting the needs of employers and learners alike.

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Our #apprenticeship standard for a bicycle mechanic is now approved for delivery https://t.co/Jm5IFKdcpphttps://t.co/6YvIcq9TYV

Our #apprenticeship standard for a mammography associate is now approved for delivery https://t.co/y6WuhnunT5https://t.co/AEOVIlEBII

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@NickLinford @BAESystemsplc Hi Nick, Kawsar has been posting about his week on the apprentice panel Instagram story… https://t.co/h4YTvz67XO

We are pleased to introduce, Ryan Carey, a new member of our #apprentice panel who is doing a level 4 project manag… https://t.co/jLfmUZb9fT

Our #apprenticeship standard for an express delivery operative is now approved for delivery https://t.co/qxt91qGcsohttps://t.co/GSAbAeue8d

Our #apprenticeship standard for a data scientist is now approved for delivery https://t.co/od6kTUeI4Z #IFAstandards pic.twitter.com/fm7TSTAT75

Our #apprenticeship standard for a highways maintenance skilled operative is now approved for delivery… https://t.co/1uNFB2sIuI

Our #apprenticeship standard for an ordnance munitions and explosives (OME) professional is now approved for delive… https://t.co/l6d4CeHGXT

RT @educationgovuk: Earlier this week, we caught up with @leestaffordhair. Hear him speak about becoming a new #TLevels panel chair and the…