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Celebrating women in STEM apprenticeships

We have produced a video celebrating Women in STEM careers and apprenticeships.

Improving the quality of apprenticeships in England

Antony Jenkins talks about the progress made during the first six months and our plans for the future

Transforming talent for today and tomorrow

A review of our first 6 months and our plans for the future


The Institute empowers employers to help them create high quality apprenticeships.

We are an independent public body that works hand in hand with employer groups called trailblazers to develop apprenticeship standards and assessment plans. Our role is to ensure apprenticeships are the best they can be, meeting the needs of employers and learners alike.

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Our deputy director for standards development, Jonathan Mitchell, discusses how we’re making our processes #faster&… https://t.co/VkuECHhnmM

RT @G_Gathercole: Now hearing from our panel at the Business & Administrative Route Summit #FEWEEKAAC18 Thanks to @GSK @RoyalMail @cityandg…

Our #apprenticeship standard for a geospatial survey technician is now approved for delivery https://t.co/x45hbTExrA pic.twitter.com/nuWJQ71abt

“By the end of this year, I predict that we’ll have over 350 standards approved for delivery and that figure will b… https://t.co/akI7cXQA5g

Our chief exec, Sir Gerry Berragan, will be delivering keynote speech TODAY at #FEWEEKAAC18 from 11:50 – 12:15 in the plenary, join us!

Our #apprenticeship standard for a rehabilitation worker (visual impairment) is now approved for delivery… https://t.co/sOgMKVxb57

Our #apprenticeship standard for a community energy specialist is now approved for delivery #tuesdaythoughtshttps://t.co/8V3ppe2baJ

Our #apprenticeship standard for a operational firefighter is now approved for delivery #tuesdaythoughtshttps://t.co/gh2DBL4pvC

"Those who have drunk the magic elixir of apprenticeships find that productivity goes up" - Anne Milton at our rout… https://t.co/ZN6c9JGta0

“There are two types of employers - those who are hitting the ground running when it comes to apprenticeships and t… https://t.co/V42AYbQade