• aim to make the title of the occupation as transparent as possible to allow common understanding across the country, internationally, and for people who are unfamiliar with your industry – for instance, a young person considering starting an
  • do not include the word ‘trailblazer’ as this term is used to describe the employer group developing the apprenticeship, not the standard
  • avoid including unnecessary words in the title
  • generally, the best titles are the shortest – for instance ‘Plasterer’
  • for level 2 occupations, typical descriptors are ‘operative’ or ‘mechanic’
  • for some occupations there are already helpful naming conventions (for instance those developed or used by professional bodies) that can help to illustrate the level of occupational competency as detailed in the examples below


  • occupations at levels 3, 4 and 5 that meet Engineering Technician (EngTech) registration requirements could include ‘technician’ as a descriptor; at levels 6 and above that meet Incorporated or Chartered requirements they could include ‘engineer’ as a descriptor


  • occupations at levels 3 and 4 that meet RSci Tech registration requirements could include ‘technician’ in the title; at levels 5 and above that meet Registered or Chartered Scientist requirements they could include ‘scientist’ in the title


  • Supervisor’ is often used for level 3 roles where there is a significant workforce of operatives; and it can apply at level 4 . It should always be a person in direct charge of those doing the actual work.
  • Manager’ is usually used for level 4 and upwards and always for an occupation above the level of supervisor

Degree apprenticeships:

  • where the apprenticeship standard contains a mandatory full Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree the title must contain the word ‘degree,’ for example: Science industry process plant engineer degree apprenticeship standard
  • where the EPA is an integrated model, ‘integrated’ must also appear in the title for example: Power engineer integrated degree apprenticeship standard