You need to make your submissions using apprenticeship builder. The builder helps you create the:

  • occupation proposal
  • occupational standard
  • end-point assessment (EPA) plan

You must upload supporting evidence, including funding evidence. 

You should submit your occupational standard, EPA plan and funding evidence together, so we can consider them as a package. Your Product Manager (PM) must confirm that your documents are ready for consideration before you submit them.

You need to book approval cycle submission slots with your Product Manager.

1. Using apprenticeship builder

Your PM will send you an email link to access apprenticeship builder.

Apprenticeship builder has different parts covering the information needed for the:

You need to complete each part as you go through the development process. Any information needed for different parts will carry through the builder.

You must upload supporting evidence, including funding evidence.

Apprenticeship builder includes help on how to use it and links to further guidance.

You should start entering information into the apprenticeship builder well in advance of your agreed submission slot deadline.


2. Submissions

You should submit your occupational or apprenticeship standard together with any other relevant components (e.g. EPA plan and funding evidence), so we can consider them as a package.

Your PM must confirm that your documents are ready for consideration before you submit them. You do not need to wait for the deadline day to submit them.

When you submit, you are confirming that the trailblazer group’s members have agreed on the submission’s content.

The information you submit will be used by us during the approval process and funding band allocation process. However, information from submission documents may also be used by us to develop and test potential new processes or improvements to our existing processes. By submitting information, either via the apprenticeship builder or your PM, you agree to us using it for these purposes. If you do not agree to the information being used in this way you should raise this with your PM prior to submission.

If we return a document(s) for further work during the approvals process, you will need to amend them in apprenticeship builder and re-submit.

You need to book two submission slots for an approvals cycle with your PM.

  1. the first for your occupation proposal
  2. the second for your occupational standard, EPA plan and funding evidence

Booking slots benefit both route panels and trailblazer groups, as it helps with the management of submissions.

You need to agree on realistic submission slots with your PM. We will help to ensure that each trailblazer group can submit their documents to their preferred timescales.  

If necessary we will prioritise submissions based on the following:

  • compliance with our requirements
  • undeveloped occupations on the occupational maps
  • readiness for starts
  • occupational standards needed for T Level Post-16's qualifications or Higher Technical Qualifications purposes
  • revisions needed as a result of a route review

If the documents are returned during the approvals process, it may not always be possible to book a slot in the following cycle.


3. Submission deadlines




17 January 2024


13 March 2024


8 May 2024


3 July 2024


4 September 2024


30 October 2024


15 Jan 2025


19 Mar 2025


14 May 2025


09 July 2025


03 Sept 2025


29 Oct 2025


4. Submission checklists

For all submissions:

  • agree on submission slot with your PM
  • check all the information needed has been provided
  • ask your PM to confirm it is ready for consideration

For occupation proposals:

  • completed occupational profile and typical duties
  • typical off the job training days (apprenticeships)
  • provide intentions for EPA assessment methods and ksb characteristics
  • attach supporting evidence, including two recent jobs adverts as one pdf document
  • you might want to upload a diagram, to show where the proposed apprenticeship fits in with other related apprenticeships
  • provide or update your PM with information about your trailblazer group membership

For occupational standards, EPA plans and funding evidence attach:

    • professional body letter of support (if applicable); Professional Body support letter template
    • evidence supporting the inclusion of any qualifications (if applicable)
    • grading exemption request (if applicable)
    • funding evidence: an EPAO quote 

Revisions and adjustments:

      • attach details of the changes made (published version with changes highlighted)
      • explain the reasons for the amendment(s)
      • attach funding evidence (if required)


If you have any problems submitting, please contact your PM or email:



Last updated 12 February 2024
(DP, NS)