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Consultation on proposed changes to the mandatory qualifications criteria

Learning from the last few years of apprenticeship delivery, we think there is room for improvement in how qualifications are used and operate within apprenticeships.

We are proposing changes to the requirements that we use when deciding whether an apprenticeship should include a mandatory qualification (a qualification which is mandated in the occupational standard, to be completed by an apprentice as part of their apprenticeship). In updating our criteria, we will strengthen and make clearer our expectations for the suitability of a qualification, to ensure that only those which are truly necessary and deliver for apprentices and employers are included.

We also present proposals to integrate a mandated qualification’s assessments with the apprenticeship end-point assessment. This is an approach we have been piloting with great success, and now look to roll out across other mandated qualifications.


This consultation is open to anyone who may wish to make a representation, and may be of particular interest to:

  • employers
  • regulators, industry groups and other professional bodies who may require specific qualifications to confer a licence to practise or be part of a professional community
  • awarding bodies and other organisations that develop the qualifications used
  • apprentices, including potential, current and former apprentices
  • tutors, assessment staff and other representatives from apprenticeship and training providers
  • bodies representing educational institutions and staff working in the education sector


In exceptional cases where people cannot use the online system, responses can be emailed to

Published 12 Dec 2022
Last updated 18 Feb 2023

Download consultation documents and guidance:

Mandatory Qualifications Consultation

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