1. Apprenticeships that are being developed or revised

Qualifications can be mandated as part of an apprenticeship where they meet our criteria. When developing or revising an apprenticeship, we work with the trailblazer group to consider if any qualification or qualifications should be mandated within the apprenticeship.

Each survey below is for awarding bodies (ABs) to tell us if you believe any of your qualifications should be included as a mandated qualification within a particular apprenticeship.

Each survey covers any qualification(s) that the trailblazer thinks that we should mandate in an apprenticeship and that meet our criteria. If you believe you have a qualification that is equivalent to one we propose mandating, please:

  1. Complete the relevant form below for the survey when available.
  2. Then upload it using this upload form.

Instructions can be found on tab A of each survey (below) showing how to complete it. 

Our mandated qualifications guidance provides further information about our criteria. We will use this information to consider if the qualification is comparable to the qualification(s) already provisionally mandated in line with the considerations set out in the mandated qualifications guidance. We will also consider if the qualification is comparable to the qualifications already provisionally agreed.

If there are any current apprenticeship consultations they will be displayed below:




2. For apprenticeships that are already published

You may have a qualification that you think is equivalent to a specific qualification listed in a published apprenticeship that is not currently being reviewed. If you believe it should be mandated, please contact IfATE at products.COP@education.gov.uk and we will consider your request.

For published apprenticeships that are not currently being reviewed and contain only a generic reference to a mandated qualification, we will apply our new policy of listing specific qualifications as and when apprenticeships are reviewed. There will be an opportunity for ABs to input during those review processes.