For occupations where professional registration applies, the professional body(s) must confirm alignment of the apprenticeship standard with professional recognition when your occupational standard is submitted for agreement.

Such notifications can either take the form of a signed letter on headed paper (scanned version) or an email containing relevant employer/employee details (company logo, name and address and the emailer’s name, company position and contact details). The letter/email must be submitted via the online form.

A template for the letter/email is provided below.

To the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education[Insert name of Professional Body] confirms that we have worked with the trailblazer group developing the [insert name of apprenticeship standard] to align the apprenticeship with our professional standards for recognition.Based on the duties and knowledge, skills and behaviours required for full occupational competence, as set out in the occupational standard, we confirm that an apprentice successfully completing the apprenticeship would be eligible for recognition at [insert level of membership] of our organisation or aligns as far as practical.[If relevant]I/we can also confirm that [insert name of qualification] is an absolute requirement for professional registration / certification / accreditation with [insert name of Professional Body] at [insert level of membership if relevant].[If relevant]I/we also confirm that we are the only organisation able to award professional status for [insert name of occupation]. Please see the supporting evidence attached [include evidence demonstrating Chartered Status].Yours faithfully[Name of individual confirming alignment and the name of the Professional Body]