The skills builder universal framework breaks down some of the most commonly called-for skills and behaviours into teachable and assessable chunks. These include:

  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • problem-solving
  • creativity
  • speaking
  • listening
  • aiming high
  • staying positive.

It has been developed over five years by a wide group of organisations including the CIPD, CBI, Gatsby Foundation, Careers and Enterprise Company, Business in the Community and the Skills Builder Partnership. It is widely used already across education settings in England and has also been widely adopted by employers and by other providers. 

The framework has been designed to support a common language and ways of understanding how these skills are built at different levels. It can be used by trailblazer groups as a tool to think through the skills and behaviours and what level they are needed at in different standards. It can also be used by providers to think through the steps towards building the skills and behaviours individuals need to achieve their apprenticeships.