Behaviours are mindsets, attitudes or approaches needed for competence. Whilst these can be innate or instinctive, they can also be learnt.

Behaviours tend to be very transferable and hence more similar across apprenticeship standards than knowledge and skills. In view of this, we have provided some examples of typical behaviours, along with the related grading descriptors and suitable assessment methods.

You do not need to base your behaviours on these examples. However, you may find them useful as a starting point.

You may need to refine them and will need to consider the best assessment method for your occupation. You will also need to ensure the related grading descriptors are relevant.

Example of behaviours

Grading descriptorsGenerally also covering other KSBs.Some of the behaviour/grading descriptor wording has been amended from the original standards in order to offer examples in a more consistent and simpler style