Digital knowledge and skills are fundamental to occupations across all sectors.

With expert input from the digital route panel, we have produced a digital skills framework. It will help trailblazer groups to develop digital content in apprenticeship standards. It will also help route panels when considering the digital content.

This framework builds on the government’s Essential Digital Skills Framework - the foundation digital skills required by citizens.

It sets out digital characteristics in an occupational context and across occupational levels for:

  • problem-solving – find or develop solutions to problems using digital tools and online services
  • digital collaboration and communication - using digital collaboration tools to collaborate with colleagues and customers
  • transacting - the skills required to buy and sell goods and services, administer business transactions online, and understand the purpose and usage of digital business systems
  • organisational security - the knowledge and skills required to identify and mitigate the risks and threats apparent when utilising digital business technologies
  • handling data securely - the knowledge and skills required to reduce the risks of data security incidents and comply with current legislation and organisational policy

Trailblazer groups should consider which of these characteristics are relevant to their occupation and adapt them into knowledge, skills or behaviour statements to reflect the occupation and level of the standard.


  • Trailblazer groups - please contact your relationship manager
  • Route panel member – please contact your approvals manager