Enquiries, nominations and expressions of interest in joining the forum should be sent to: TQStudent.FORUM@education.gov.uk

the role of the forum

The TQ student forum plays an important role in helping IfATE and its board to understand the experience of students undertaking a technical qualification - TQ.

Forum members meet regularly to share first-hand insights into what it’s like to be a TQ student. Their feedback helps IfATE to test its thinking on new policy and identify ways of improving technical qualifications so that students have a positive experience of learning.


Forum membership

The aim of the forum is to represent the views of TQ students from across the country and from all types of technical qualifications.

Current membership focuses on T Levels, with students and recent graduates, drawn from a range of T Level courses, including:

  • Education and Early Years
  • Design Surveying and Planning for Construction
  • Maintenance, Installation and Repair for Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Digital Production, Design and Development

T Level providers play a vital role in encouraging and supporting their students to get involved. The forum currently includes T Level students nominated by the following providers:

  • Darlington College
  • Milton Keynes College Group
  • New College Durham
  • Bolton College
  • The Leigh UTC

As new qualifications become available, forum membership will evolve to represent students from a wider range of T Level courses as well as students following other types of qualifications, such as HTQs - higher technical qualifications.


Joining IfATE's TQ student forum

Membership of the TQ student forum is currently open to T Level students aged 16 years or over and to T Level graduates who completed their course within the last 12 months.

If you are a current student interested in joining the forum, please discuss this with your college or school first to make sure they are happy to support your involvement. Your college or school will then need to nominate you by emailing us directly, including details of the T Level course you are following.

If you recently graduated from your T Level course and would like to express an interest in joining the forum, please email us directly, including details of your T Level and when you graduated, the college or school you attended, your date of birth, and a few words about why you’d like to get involve.


Find out more about the forum

Do you have a question about the TQ student forum? Contact IfATE’s Partner Communities Team at: TQStudent.FORUM@education.gov.uk