1. Overview

IfATE is committed to delivering for employers. To help us, organisations can apply to be part of our directory of professional and employer-led bodies. We call this the ‘employer directory’ for short.

We invite organisations on the directory to provide expertise and insight. This insight is relevant to their occupations and sectors for a range of products and purposes.

Organisations may also apply to support

  • IfATE
  • Ofqual
  • the Office for Students (OfS)

with the external quality assurance of apprenticeship end-point assessment.

IfATE holds regular events to bring together directory organisations and to share information. These events also provide an opportunity for the employer directory organisations to network and collaborate.

You can find further information about the criteria and application process on our website.

For any enquiries, please email us.


2. Meet the members of the Employer directory