Our route panels bring employer voice to the very heart of our work.

Route panels members are outstanding employers who are experts in their industries. Together, they represent occupations across 15 major business sectors. 

Panel members work with us to ensure technical education meets the skills needs of their sectors. Not just now, but in the future.

Alongside their exceptional knowledge and experience, they have a real passion for providing better access – for all – to the highest quality skills training opportunities. 

What do route panel members do?

  • provide a collective, strategic view of current and future skills needs in their sector
  • review and make recommendations on the quality and relevance of skills training for their sector – including new apprenticeships and technical qualifications
  • help map skills training opportunities in their sector, making it easier to see what's available, supporting career progression and highlighting gaps
  • oversee regular reviews to ensure skills training continues to meet employer needs in their sector
  • provide feedback and insight that inform IfATE and wider government policy
  • act as ambassadors for technical education and the benefits for employers

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