The Institute is responsible for ensuring that high-quality apprenticeships and technical education are available to learners.

Route reviews help us to do this. They are an opportunity for the Institute to take a strategic look across the route and the occupations within it as well as reviewing whether technical education programmes such as apprenticeships, T levels and higher technical qualification, are relevant and up to date, and deliver for employers and learners.

All route reviews were postponed in March due to COVID-19 but as more employers are returning to work the Institute feels that this is the right time to restart these route reviews and the Institute is looking forward to engaging and consulting with hundreds of employers on the future of apprenticeships and wider technical education.

We know that employers, providers, awarding organisations, and the Institute have developed more resilient ways of doing business, so despite future uncertainties we feel we can restart this important work and see it through to completion for the benefit of employers and learners. The first reviews to resume will cover the hair and beauty; creative and design; agriculture, environmental and animal care; and engineering and manufacturing occupational routes.

This review

The agriculture, environmental, animal care route review was announced in October 2019. The following apprenticeships are in scope for the review:


The online consultation for this route closed on 8 January 2020 though we still encourage feedback on this route via our dedicated inbox or attending the workshops which are detailed below.

To support the review, we had commissioned a number of regional workshops, run by Landex. However, due to COVID-19, we made the decision to move all remaining workshops to a virtual setting to ensure the health and safety of those attending.

The virtual workshops will now take place on the following dates:

  • 2 October 2020
  • 12 October 2020
  • 23 October 2020
  • 26 October 2020

If you would like to attend any of these email nicodevries@landex.org.uk and an invite will be sent to you accordingly.


If you have any questions about this  route review or the apprenticeships in scope please contact us


Our route reviews are:

  1. Focussed – our review will focus strategically on the route, the occupational map and apprenticeships in scope. The outcomes of the review may highlight changes which are required to the apprenticeships and the aligned assessment plans.
  2. Employer-led – responses from our consultation and engagement with employers will inform our recommendations. The recommendations will be reviewed by the Institute’s route panel.
  3. Open and transparent – we will engage with stakeholders throughout the review process and following the review recommendations will agree on a suitable timetable for trailblazers to update apprenticeships
  4. Joined up – our review will ensure the recommendations support the different technical education products, such as T Levels and higher technical qualifications

The following criteria are used to determine which apprenticeships are in scope for the review:

  • apprenticeships which were approved for delivery prior to the establishment of the Institute in April 2017 and have not been significantly updated since
  • apprenticeships where concerns have been raised over the content
  • apprenticeships that did not comply with the Institute’s occupational requirements