Green Toolkit

IfATE expects all standards and qualifications to take green into account. We aim to approve qualifications and standards which support the following three aims. This should always be in the context of employer-focussed, competence-based standards and products

  • a foundational green competence for all learners
  • where appropriate, development of specific green skills, knowledge, and behaviours (KSBs)
  • where appropriate, encouraging green leadership and innovation skills

The Green Toolkit provides guidance to help. It includes both general and route-specific guidance on green skills. It also includes information on how IfATE classifies "green jobs".

The UK has legally committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This commitment is complimented by environmental improvement commitments. These two linked goals and the path to achieve them is known as the ‘green transition’. The green transition will affect all work, as some jobs change and some are newly introduced.

All newly developed or revised standards will therefore need to consider the toolkit. Similarly, all awarding bodies applying for IfATE approval should use it. Using the toolkit will also help compliance with the new Environmental Principles Legal Duty.

The Green Toolkit builds on and updates the Sustainability Framework.