IfATE and DfE are moving to a position where apprentices should only start on an apprenticeship where an end point assessment organisation (EPAO) is confirmed.

It follows our commitment to improving the quality of end-point assessments (EPA) and securing the best experiences and outcomes for apprentices.

This will require starts to be paused on a limited number of apprenticeships with no EPAO in place, and no apprentices currently on the programmes.

It means apprentices will not be able to begin on them until an EPAO is found.

Banners have been placed on IfATE’s website confirming that the following ones are subject to this new approach:

  1. Assistant puppet maker - ST0476
  2. Electronic systems principal engineer - ST0681
  3. Historic environment advisor - ST0831
  4. Knitted product manufacturing technician - ST0910
  5. Marine surveyor (degree) - ST0772
  6. Marine technical superintendent (degree) - ST0623
  7. Network operations - ST0503
  8. Pest control technician - ST0429
  9. Port agent - ST0544
  10. Post production engineer - ST0933
  11. Power and propulsion gas turbine engineer - ST0790
  12. Probate technician - ST0102
  13. Props technician - ST0174
  14. Specialist rescue operative - ST0487
  15. Storyboard artist - ST0489
  16. VFX artist or technical director - ST0902
  17. Lead traffic management operative - ST0985
  18. Costume technician - stage and screen - ST0783


Published 2 November 2023
Last updated 2 November 2023
(DS, AG)