The following resources are available to support applicants in making their HTQ submission.

Please contact if you have any accessibility requirements.

Full terms and conditions document

Terms and conditions for approval of HTQs by IfATE


Cycle 4 application form

The application window for cycle 4 is now open and will close on Friday 30th June 2023

When completing the cycle 4 application form, please refer to the cycle 4 criteria and guidance.


Knowledge, skills and behaviours coverage within the qualification

Download the Qualification structure and the KSB mapping spreadsheets for the route your qualification falls under. Please identify which KSB statements from the occupational standard are covered within the qualification.

Full instructions are included on the spreadsheet for ease of use offline. Upload a completed version of your Qualification structure and KSB mapping to the evidence upload page of the application form.

If you need any help, please contact us at



Individual support sessions

Booking is now open for the one-to-one sessions with IfATE

If you have questions, please contact and we will aim to respond within five working days.


Pre-recorded webinars

Webinars currently available to view are:


Future opportunities for approval

We will provide applicants with the timelines for future cycles as soon as possible to give them maximum time to align their qualifications to available occupational standards within the relevant routes.

To prepare for submission we urge you to begin aligning your qualification to the relevant occupational standard’s KSBs and review your qualification’s content and assessment to ensure they are in the best position to be approved.

We will continue to ensure that the most up to date occupational standards are available on our website and will keep you updated on any revisions.


HTQ quality mark guidelines

Applicants can begin marketing their approved qualification once they have received a formal decision letter from IfATE. However, applicants must adhere to the first teach date associated with the cycle their qualification was approved in. Further details on how to use the HTQ quality mark are set out in the quality mark guidelines


Last updated 12 May 2023

Cycle 4 Offline Application Form: Please note, the offline application form is for reference only. Applicants must complete the online application form in order for their qualification(s) to be considered for HTQ approval.

HTQ Cycle 4 Offline Application Form For Reference Only (002)

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