A qualification’s title is the first sign of what it offers. Qualification titles should clearly state their level and who is awarding them. They should also give a brief but accurate idea of what the qualification covers. 

Titles should make clear the occupational standard, job or function they focus on. This helps people see how the qualification can support them in their careers. Titles do not need to state the occupational standard title in full. 

The title should also show the level of competence learners will have after completing the qualification. It must align with the category type, for which the qualification has received approval. Awarding bodies should remove any outdated parts of the title from their qualification materials. For example, National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), as the framework ceased to exist in 2015. 

Where ‘award’, ‘certificate’ and ‘diploma’ are used in the title, these must appear in brackets at the end of qualification titles.

These requirements are in line with Ofqual’s published General Conditions of Recognition, specifically, section E2. 

Each submission category has specific competence references for inclusion in the title. These are as follows: 


Category Titling requirement  Example title
Occupational entry ‘Technical Occupational Entry’ Level x Technical Occupational Entry in Motor Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance (Diploma)
Additional specialist ‘Technical Specialist’ Level x Technical Specialist in Electric Vehicle Repair (Certificate)
Cross cutting function ‘Technical Cross Cutting Function’ Level x Technical Cross Cutting Function in Emergency First Aid (Award)
Occupational progression 'Technical Progression' Level x Technical Progression in [no example identified] (Certificate)
Employer proposed ‘Technical Occupational Entry’ Level x Technical Occupational Entry in [no example identified] (Diploma)

Requirements specific to Level 2 

Occupational entry qualifications at Level 2 can include relevant introductory sector knowledge and transferable skills. Where they do include this, they are an extended version of the qualification. Qualifications in this category must include “Extended Technical Occupational Entry” in the title.  

Qualification Materials

Consultation feedback recommended the inclusion of knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB) mapping when publishing occupational entry qualifications. This helps employers see if a qualification fits what they are looking for in their workers. It also helps providers recognise skills that students may already have from previous learning. For example, when a classroom student moves into an apprenticeship.  

Even though it is not mandatory, it would be beneficial for qualifications to show this mapping.  It makes it easier for people using the qualification to see how it lines up with what employers have asked for. Once live, awarding bodies should ensure mapping is kept up to date. 


Published 10 Jan 2023
Last updated 17 May 2024
(LH, NS)