Changes to approved L2 and L3 technical qualifications

Awarding bodies need to keep their qualifications under review. This is a requirement by Ofqual and includes the development, delivery, and award of qualifications.

IfATE have a duty to keep qualifications that they approve under review. Changes to qualifications, made by awarding bodies, may need to be reviewed by IfATE. This is to help decide whether the qualification will remain approved by IfATE.

Changes to a qualification might be required because of needs identified by IfATE. This could include revisions to the standard, policies, or T-Levels. The need for a change may also be identified by the awarding body or by users of the qualification. 

There is no need for an awarding body to go through the IfATE change process when it is a minor change. This includes changes to the presentation of materials. This may also be typographical or grammar corrections.

Where a major change is needed by IfATE, we will notify awarding bodies. This could include a change in the status of an occupational standard. Awarding bodies will then need to go through IfATE’s change process.

When an awarding body needs to make a major change, this must go through IfATE’s change process. This could include changes to the content, assessment or other areas that may impact approval. This could also include changes to the assessment strategy. If an awarding body needs advice on changes, they can discuss them with IfATE.

Awarding bodies must inform Ofqual of changes made to the assessment strategy. This must be done promptly using the AO Portal.

Changes to technical qualifications would also be reviewed for funding approval decisions. This would be completed by the Department for Education (DfE).

Awarding bodies will need to follow DfE’s processes where changes are made to non-technical qualifications. This includes qualifications at level 3 and below.

For non-technical qualifications awarding bodies need to refer to the DfE Qualifications funding approval manual: from August 2025 - Managing and monitoring the qualification offers - Guidance. They should contact DfE at

Information submitted to the change process and directly to Ofqual will be shared with all three parties (DfE, IfATE and Ofqual).

Further details on the post approval change process will be given at a later date. IfATE’s Post 16 Team will be available to support any queries for proposed changes and advise whether a formal change request should be made. 


Published 10 Jan 2023
Last updated 21 May 2024