Approval for level 3 Technical Qualifications will continue until such time as this is withdrawn by IfATE. We will keep all approved qualifications under review to monitor whether they are continuing to meet the requirements for approval and to evaluate how effectively they are meeting their purpose of supporting employer needs and learner progression. Based on this, we will periodically take decisions about any qualifications which should be revised or have their approval withdrawn. 

We reserve the right to withdraw approval at any time as a result of a review or concerns that a qualification no longer meets our criteria or is to detriment of employers or learners.  

We will set out in full our planned process for keeping approved qualifications under review and engage with awarding body about this in due course.  


Changes to approved qualifications

From time-to-time changes will be required to approved qualifications. These may originate from awarding body quality assurance processes or review by IfATE. 

Awarding body change requests.

Through its quality assurance processes an awarding body may identify improvements which are necessary to ensure an approved qualification is as up-to-date and performs as effectively as possible. IfATE is working with Ofqual and DfE to identify the types of change which an awarding body can make autonomously and those which will require our approval. We are also jointly developing a process for submitting change requests where this is required.  

IfATE change requests.

Change requests may also originate from IfATE. These will mainly be the result of adjustments or revisions to the occupational standard(s) with which qualifications align to. 

We want to make sure that the change request processes are clear and manageable and do not add unnecessary burden to the system. We will share our proposals for these with awarding bodies in due course and provide an opportunity to give feedback about these ahead of implementation. 


Published 10 Jan 2023
Last updated 10 Jan 2023