1. Remit

The purpose of the Product Assurance Committee (PAC) is to monitor and report that IfATE’s products (Occupational Maps, Apprenticeships, end-point assessments, funding bands, T Levels, HTQs and Post 16 Qualifications (at Levels 2 and 3)) are meeting the needs of employers, apprentices and other stakeholders, with a particular focus on quality and impact.

The committee will consider the following:

  • product quality and impact – confirming that IfATE products meet quality standards, legal requirements, including its oversight duty and obligations relating to EQA, and that product impact is measured against approved metrics/KPIs
  • risk management – that risks and opportunities have been appropriately identified with mitigating actions, including escalation to ARAC/board, where warranted
  • process improvement – that IfATE is acting to continuously improve its products to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and quality, including actively listening to stakeholders and responding to their requirements appropriately
  • diversity, equity and inclusion – that IfATE’s products can be accessed by a wide range of learners and content takes into account of diverse and inclusive needs
  • coherence – the integration of IfATE’s products and their contribution to a coherent technical skills system
  • other areas as directed by the board or the Chief Executive in their Accounting Officer capacity

For further information please refer to the committee’s Terms of Reference in the IfATE Governance Framework.


2. Membership and attendance

Board members:

  • Dr Kate Barclay (Chair)
  • Jane Hadfield
  • Mark McClennon MBE
  • Sir Robin Millar

Standing attendees:

  • Delivery Director (Executive Sponsor)
  • Strategy Director


3. Minutes



Last updated 26 April 2024
(JT, NS)