This committee is no longer active as its responsibilities have been embedded into IfATE’s standard ways of working

The Board established the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee as a Committee of the Board (the ‘Committee’) to support the Board and the Accounting Officer (Chief Executive) in discharging their responsibilities for matters relating to EDI.

1. Remit

The Committee will review, challenge and provide expertise in fulfilling the Board’s ambition to

  • embed EDI as a mainstream of all IfATE business and internal operations; and,
  • influence the wider apprenticeship and technical skills landscape to maintain equity, diversity and inclusion

2. Accountability

The Committee is accountable to IfATE Board.

The Committee may provide IfATE Board and Chief Executive with an Annual Report, timed to support finalisation of the accounts and the Governance Statement, summarising its conclusions from the work it has done during the year.

3. Membership and attendance

The Committee will consist of 4 non-executive Board members.  The Committee will be chaired by one of the non-executive Board Members, appointed by the Board Chair. In the absence of the Committee Chair, the Committee Chair will nominate another member of the Committee to chair the meeting.

Current Members:

  • Robin Millar (Chair)
  • John Cope
  • Jessica Leigh-Jones
  • Dayle Bayliss
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Delivery director

Committee meetings will normally be attended by the Executive Sponsor (or their nominated deputy) and the Delivery Director.

The Committee may ask any other officials of the organisation to attend to assist it with its discussions on any particular matter.

The Committee may ask all or any of those who normally attend but who are not members to withdraw to facilitate open and frank discussion of particular matters, especially where there is a potential or actual conflict of interest.

4. Meetings and quorum

A minimum of 2 members of the Committee (both of which must be non-executive board members) will be present for the meeting to be deemed quorate.

The Committee will meet at least 4 times a year. The Committee Chair may convene additional meetings, as they deem necessary.

The Board (or Chief Executive in their capacity as Accounting Officer) may ask the Committee to convene further meetings to discuss particular issues on which they want the Committee’s advice.

5. Minutes




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