The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s influential panel of apprentices is gathering vital feedback from apprentices about the quality of training and support they receive.

The diverse panel, who advise the Institute and wider government on apprentice issues, launched their survey this week.

The questions ask apprentices about:

  • Their workload
  • How employers and training providers support their wellbeing
  • Quality of training, including views on online off-the-job training
  • Whether their employers and training providers have signed commitment statements setting out the levels of support and training they can expect
  • Experiences with end point assessment
  • Opportunities for progression to higher level training

The Institute’s chief executive Jennifer Coupland said:

“I would urge all apprentices to fill out the survey. It’s a brilliant chance to have your voice heard and help make apprenticeships even better. Employers and training providers can also play their part by encouraging their apprentices to fill it in. The results will really help our panel and the Institute understand what's working really well and where we need to improve.”

This survey is open to any apprentice who is on or has completed an apprenticeship.

Responses will guide the advice and feedback panel members provide to employers, civil servants, and ministers. The results will build on their current raising the standards guidance that was created following results from the last survey.

Solicitor apprentice Amy Marren, a panel member who was previously a double Paralympian, said:

“This survey is incredibly important to the future work of the panel. We’ve worked hard together to agree on questions that cover all aspects of the apprentice experience, including key relationships with employers and training providers.
“Over 1,000 apprentices responded to our previous survey, and we want even more to get behind it this year. It will give the panel confidence that we’re speaking up on the right issues and provide us with the authority we need to really make a difference.”

The closing date is 8 April 2022. If you would like to take part or know an apprentice who would, complete the form.