New guidance written by apprentices on how to deliver a quality apprenticeship and look after the welfare everyone on these life-changing learning programmes been published today (Monday).

Launched and written by members of the Panel of Apprentices, who advise the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education from the learner perspective, ‘Raising the Standards’ is targeted at employers, training providers, and apprentices.

It puts the apprentice voice front and centre with explaining what to expect during an apprenticeship, welfare and wellbeing considerations, and recommendations for how training programmes can be tailored to give apprentices the best possible experience. 

The guidance focuses on the following five topics:

  • The induction process
  • The partnership between the apprentice, training provider, employers, and also end point assessment organisation
  • Training
  • End-point assessment preparation
  • Apprentice welfare and wellbeing

Louis Curtis, a leading member of the apprentice panel who recently completed his mineral products technician apprenticeship, said:

"It is essential that the apprentice voice is considered by those designing apprenticeship delivery. The panel has had the unique opportunity to survey our networks across the country and work with businesses, government, training providers, awarding organisations and the wider apprenticeship community to create this guidance that is practical, easy to understand and puts across authentic views of apprentices. We are really proud of the results and believe that this truly will help with raising standards for apprenticeships.”

Jonathan Mitchell, the Institute’s deputy director for portfolio and partnerships who oversees the apprentice panel, said:

“I would like to thank our apprentice panel for all the truly fantastic work that has gone into Raising the Standards. I look forward to it providing really useful insights and guidance to employers, providers and apprentices. It is only through first-rate partnerships between all the key groups that we will achieve the further improvements we all want to see with apprenticeship delivery and help ensure that apprentices get the positive experiences they all deserve.”

The idea for ‘Raising the standards’ emerged from feedback to the 2020 Apprentice Panel Survey with more than 1,000 apprentices nationwide.

While 87% of apprentices surveyed said they would recommend their apprenticeship to other people wanting to train in their occupation, concerns were expressed by some respondents about lack of support with off-the-job training, welfare, and end point assessment.

The panel decided to create its own guidance from the perspective of apprentices to help address those issues.

You can read the full list of apprentice panel recommendations following their 2020 survey on the Institute’s website.