IfATE's Role

We are responsible for the technical qualification (TQ). This is the main, classroom-based element of the T Level. It equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to give them a broad understanding of their chosen occupational route.

We are responsible for the procurement and management of the TQs, whereas:

Outline Content – developing the T Level

Apprenticeships and T Levels are based on occupational standards developed by employers. Once an occupational standard has been approved by us, the standard is then clustered with other standards for T Level panels to write the content.

T Level panels work with our relationship managers to form the core content and occupational specialisms within the qualification. Operating instructions for the creation of outline content set out this process.

The panels are employer-led, featuring leading industry experts, creating qualifications to meet the needs of the industry. Full details of the individuals and businesses involved in the formulation of outline content visit GOV.UK. ​

Procurement Process

When route panels finalise and approve the outline content, it is then ready to be bid on by awarding organisations (AOs). If successful, they will then develop the technical qualifications. You can find more information on the procurement process on our website.

Contract Awarded

Successful AOs will develop and deliver a T Level through an exclusive licence. So, there will be one AO per technical qualification, streamlining and simplifying the existing system.

Qualification Development

This is the period where AOs work to add more detail to the outline content designed by the T Level panels.  At various stages, the qualification specifications will be viewed and commented upon by route panels and other experts to ensure the content meets the needs of industry and prepares students for work.

Ready to Teach

Once the qualification specification has been approved, AOs will work with providers to ensure they are ready to deliver the T Level.

Live delivery

The T Level is available for students. To find a T Level near you visit GOV.UK

Ongoing reviews, refreshers, and updates

The TQs will be kept up to date, meaning student and employers can be confident they contain the latest skills and knowledge