This apprenticeship has been retired

A temporary dispensation has been applied to the Relationships Manager standard for this apprenticeship. The dispensation will last from 21st June 2023 to 21st June 2026 but may be withdrawn if the dispensation is no longer necessary.
The key changes are:

  • The assessment panel has been removed and the employer, training provider and other parties are to be removed from the EPA process. The independent assessor will solely assess and grade the end point assessment.

Overview of the role

Providing financial products and services to customers, helping them achieve their business goals.

Relationship manager - banking

Reference Number: ST0184

Details of standard

Role / Occupation: 

Relationship Manager (Banking)


The role has responsibility for providing products and services to a portfolio of customers, to help them achieve their business goals alongside delivering the Bank’s business plan, whilst meeting the required ethical, risk and governance standards. The role may sit in several different areas of the Bank eg Corporate, Commercial, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Private Banking, Card Services. Depending on the customer base, it may have responsibility for a portfolio (SMEs) or be supporting a Director on larger customers. The apprenticeship will form part of a career path for the individual. Typical roles are likely to be junior to mid level relationship management positions. On completion it is likely to be similar to an individual exiting the graduate programme.



What is required

Ethical standards

Understand the ethical standards that the organisation and industry requires of its employees and the implications of these for the role

Product knowledge

Understand the range of financial services products and services available to the customer portfolio, including pricing and margins

Risk and Governance

Understand the risk and governance frameworks of the organisation / industry and how these manifest themselves in the role. Keep up to date with changes.

Market awareness

Understand the local market in which the role operates eg demographics, economics, competition

Customer understanding

Understand the sector in which their customers operate, their business; together with the principles / tools of excellent customer service and relationship management

Financial analysis

Understand data/financial analysis, planning and modelling tools that are required for the role



What is required

Develop customer relationships

Build ethically sound and ‘trusted adviser’ relationships with customers to form the basis of a long term partnership

Identify and meet customer needs

Work with customers to identify their ongoing business challenges. Provide flexible and innovative solutions, integrating products and excellent service, that help them meet their goals

Manage governance and risk

Apply the organisation’s risk and governance frameworks to ensure that all activities are compliant and breaches are minimised

Deliver commercial results

Support, develop and deliver an account plan that meets internal goals and is based on customer needs across the portfolio. Apply financial analysis techniques relevant to the area of the bank eg provide guidance on credit appetite; develop practical and appropriate credit solutions /lending structures; maximise portfolio return

Communication and relationship building

Use a range of advanced communication and influencing techniques to build sound relationships both externally and internally

Teamwork   Bring the right people and functions together, both internally and externally, to collaborate and deliver for the customer


The apprentice will typically specialise in a particular area of banking eg Corporate/Commercial; Retail; Wealth. Market Awareness and Customer Understanding competencies will be specific to that area. The track taken within the full qualification below will contain core elements plus specifics for the area eg Professionalism, Ethics and Regulation module as a core; Retail Financial Services module as a specific. Products that will be covered in each area will differ eg

  • Corporate/Commercial – corporate lending; cash management; trade finance
  • Retail – personal loans, mortgages, savings
  • Wealth – advice, investments, private banking
  • Card Services – merchant services, business solutions


The apprenticeship will typically take 4 years to complete.

Entry requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships. Most candidates will have A levels or existing relevant Level 3 qualifications. Other relevant or prior experience may also be considered as an alternative. Employers who recruit candidates without English or Maths at Level 2 or above must ensure that the candidate achieves this standard prior to taking the end-point assessment.


Professional qualifications within this apprenticeship depend on the level of experience in the sector and the areas of the bank that the apprentice works in as shown in the diagram below.

knowledge of the sector, ethical and regulatory background – done within the first 3-6 months for those new to the sector – L3 – one of:

  • Certificate in Business Banking and Conduct – LIBF
  • Retail Banking Conduct of Business - LIBF
  • Professional Banker Certificate – CBI

Full qualification for the role (both contain tracks relevant to different functions in banking)- one of :

  • Chartered Associateship Programme - LIBF.
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning - CII
  • Combination of modules relevant to the area of the bank, selected from: Diploma in Financial Planning (CII); Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning; Diploma in Investment Planning (CB); Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (RO1); Investment Principles and Risk (RO2); Personal Taxation(RO3); Pensions and Retirement Planning(RO4); Financial Protection (RO5); Certificate in Mortgage Advice(CF6); Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP); Investment Advice Diploma (IAD); Private Client Investment Advice and Management(PCIAM); Regulations, Securities, Derivatives modules (CISI); CFA Program levels 1-3; ABFA Diploma
  • Chartered Banker Institute (CBI)

New apprentices:

  • Associate Chartered Banker Diploma 2018 (2 from 3 modules) – Associate Chartered Banker designation
  • Advanced Diploma in Banking and Leadership in a Digital Age (4 from 5 modules) - Chartered Banker designation
  • Professional Banker Diploma - Certificated Professional Banker designation
  • Professional Banker Certificate

Existing apprentices part way through studies will continue on their qualification listed below following any transitional arrangements as shown on :

  • Associate Chartered Banker Diploma (pre-Oct 2018 - 3 from 7 modules) – Associate Chartered Banker designation
  • Chartered Banker Diploma (pre-Oct 2018 - 5 from 7 modules) - Chartered Banker designation
  • Professional Banker Diploma - Certificated Professional Banker designation
  • Professional Banker Certificate

Link to professional registration

Professional body memberships that are relevant options for this apprenticeship are:

Retail banking: Chartered Banker Institute; London Institute of Banking & Finance

Wealth: Chartered Banker Institute; London Institute of Banking & Finance; Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment; Chartered Insurance Institute

Corporate Banking: Chartered Banker Institute; London Institute of Banking & Finance; CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst)


Level 6 apprenticeship, enabling the relationship management career track to reach the same level as a graduate.


The apprenticeship should be reviewed after a maximum of 3 years.


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Status: Retired
Level: 6
Degree: non-degree qualification
Reference: ST0184
Version: 1.1
Date updated: 30/06/2023
Approved for delivery: 12 November 2014
Route: Legal, finance and accounting
Typical duration to gateway : 48 months (this does not include EPA period)
Maximum funding: £27000
LARS Code: 7
EQA Provider: Ofqual

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Employers involved in creating the standard: Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS, Santander

Version log

Version Change detail Earliest start date Latest start date Latest end date
1.1 End-point assessment plan revised 22/06/2023 23/06/2023 Not set
1.0 Retired 12/11/2014 08/04/2020 Not set

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