Institute consults on the first statutory review of apprenticeship standards

The Institute’s first statutory review of apprenticeship standards has commenced today (20 September 2018). The review will focus on the digital route.

A critical part of the review is the consultation on the 12 digital apprenticeship standards that were approved before the Institute was established. The standards in scope for the review are:

  • ST0114 - Cyber Intrusion Analyst
  • ST0124 - Cyber Security Technologist
  • ST0118 - Data Analyst
  • ST0119 - Digital & Technology Solution Professional
  • ST0125 - Infrastructure Technician
  • ST0117 - IS Business Analyst
  • ST0127 - Network Engineer
  • ST0116 - Software Developer
  • ST0128 - Software Development Technician
  • ST0129 - Software Tester
  • ST0130 - Unified Communications Technician
  • ST0131 - Unified Communications Trouble Shooter

As part of the review, we will bring together the Institute’s quality criteria with the feedback from both employers, who have used the standards, and apprentices, who have first-hand experience of the apprenticeships.

In addition, we are seeking feedback from training providers on the delivery of the apprenticeship standards, and other key stakeholders.  The digital route has been chosen for the first review as it contains occupations associated with fast changing technologies.

The consultation will run for 4 weeks and will conclude on 18 October 2018. You can find further information on the statutory review on our website. 

We will announce the outcomes of the review in the New Year.

Speaking on the consultation, Sir Gerry Berragan, chief executive for the Institute for Apprenticeships, said:

“We’re taking an employer-led approach to the statutory review, so we’re asking industry experts to tell us if these digital standards produce apprentices that are occupationally competent. If they don’t – what do we need to address the shortfall?
“We’re using this review to bring these apprenticeship standards in line with our quality criteria, as well as those standards that have been approved since the Institute was established.”

The Digital Route will serve as a pilot and we will use lessons learned to inform future reviews.