The Institute for Apprenticeships has been reviewing the funding bands of 31 apprenticeship standards following a request from the Department for Education. The aim of the review is to identify the most appropriate funding band to support high quality delivery, and provide value for money for employers and government. 

We have contacted the trailblazer groups for 12 standards to tell them the Secretary of State for Education’s final decision.   

We used our new funding process, adapted to reflect that these standards are already being delivered. We also used the Department for Education’s new 30 band structure. Throughout the process, we worked collaboratively with trailblazers to ensure the review was carried out in an open way.

As part of this process we considered a range of factors, including the costs submitted by providers, advice from trailblazers, data we hold, consistency across similar apprenticeship standards and the expertise of our route panels and a provider panel.  We have only recommended changes to current funding bands where there is evidence that justifies a change.

The Secretary of State has approved the following funding bands:

Reference Number

Standard Name

Current Funding Band

Reviewed final funding band


Chartered Surveyor (Degree)


Band 30 (£27,000)


Rail Engineering technician


Band 27 (£24,000)


Bespoke Tailor and Cutter


Band 18 (£15,000)


Healthcare Assistant Practitioner


Band 15 (£12,000)


Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer


Band 13 (£10,000)


Assistant Accountant


Band 11 (£8,000)


Hair Professional


Band 10 (£7,000)


Insurance Practitioner


Band 10 (£7,000)


Dental Nurse


Band 9 (£6,000)


Aviation Ground Specialist


Band 9 (£6,000)


Senior Healthcare Support Worker


Band 8 (£5,000)


Customer Service Practitioner


Band 5 (£3,500)


Following feedback from employers and providers, the Secretary of State has decided to extend the notification period for funding band reductions. Funding band reductions will take effect on 1 January 2019. Increases will take effect on 6 October 2018.

Reviewed funding bands for the remaining 19 standards have not yet been recommended to the Secretary of State. We expect this process will be finalised in late 2018. 

The Institute is working closely with DfE to monitor the impact of these funding band changes over the coming months. We will continue our work to bring more standards into the new 30-band structure.