Stakeholder engagement and effective consultation with employers are at the heart of the Institute’s approach to Route Reviews.  We are also committed to providing as much stability as possible whilst the apprenticeship system responds to the disruption brought about by Covid 19. 

It has therefore been decided to pause the on-going Route Reviews and to postpone the announcement of any outcomes.  When the circumstances ease, it our intention to return to the on-going reviews and we will continue to make preparations for this in the meantime.

We had announced that the Care Services and Health and Science Reviews would be expected to launch during Summer 2020.  The impact of Covid-19 makes this inadvisable, so we have made the decision to delay the launch until further notice.

The outcomes of the Digital Route Review are now complete, so we will continue to work with Trailblazer Groups, where we are able.

If you have any further queries about a specific Route Review, please refer to the route review section of our website.

If you have any questions on Covid-19 and the Institute’s response please contact us via