• IfATE’s National Apprenticeship Award will recognise the key role that thousands of businesses are playing in transforming apprenticeships for the better
  • New award unveiled on ‘Celebration Friday’ of National Apprenticeship Week 

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) is excited to announce a brand-new addition to the Department for Education’s National Apprenticeship Awards that will celebrate the successes of employers who are key to raising apprenticeship standards. 

The quality of apprenticeships has never been higher, and this has been driven by the contributions of thousands of employers. They have shaped over 650 apprenticeships for around 740,000 people currently doing the world class training across England.

IfATE oversees groups of Trailblazer employers, who design and update apprenticeships and the end point assessments, and Route Panels who lead with approvals.  They give their time freely to make sure the training matches up to the economy’s skills needs and go above and beyond to make a real difference for the apprentices in their sectors.  

IfATE thinks it is time that these employers are recognised and celebrated for their successes, which is exactly what this award aims to do. It will reward and showcase employers who have gone the extra mile in driving up apprenticeship standards. 

By raising the profile of these valuable contributors, IfATE would like to encourage even more business to get involved in our employer-led work. This will have a powerful and lasting impact on the future of skills in this country. 

Jennifer Coupland, Chief executive at IfATE, said: “It is our honour to introduce this new award during National Apprenticeship Week. It will be a brilliant way of recognising the wonderful employers who are the driving force behind the employer-led apprenticeship success story.

Over 5,000 committed representatives of large and small businesses across the land already work with IfATE and we want this award to encourage even more to get involved.

These amazing people have done so much to build-up the apprenticeships system, simply because they are committed to improving skills for the economy and life chances for people of all ages and backgrounds. Their standards will in future form the basis of almost all technical qualifications in this country and their impact is phenomenal and must be celebrated.