Expert employers are being sought to provide the latest skills advice to government, keeping apprenticeships and other technical education up to date. 
This is the latest round of annual recruitment for membership of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s (IfATE) advisory groups. 

Termed ‘route panels’, the groups focus on 15 different sectors including construction, engineering and manufacturing and protective services, and consist of employers working collectively to review and make recommendations to IfATE’s compliance board. We need employers who have expert knowledge and experience in their sector to offer an authoritative view on the skills required in the modern workplace. 

Topics up for review include existing apprenticeship standards, new proposals and assessment plans, and the content of T Level qualifications – the government’s new gold standard work and skills training programmes. Any employers who volunteer to join a panel will need to know the type of training, development and assessment best suited to building those skills as well as an understanding of future skills needs. This is a chance to represent the employer voice at IfATE and make a real difference.  

Panel members meet every eight weeks to consider submissions. They are also sometimes be called on to act as ambassadors for IfATE, speaking at sector conferences and sharing their perspectives with other employers and stakeholders.

Find more details on how employers can join a route panel here. 

The 15 sectors represented by the route panels are: 

  • Agriculture, environmental and animal care  
  • Business and administration  
  • Care services  
  • Catering and hospitality  
  • Construction  
  • Creative and design  
  • Digital  
  • Education and childcare  
  • Engineering and manufacturing  
  • Hair and beauty  
  • Health and science  
  • Legal, Finance and accounting  
  • Protective services  
  • Sales, marketing and procurement  
  • Transport and logistics