The Festive ‘Father’ and his workshop are wanted by the employer-led group to develop the next range of aerospace apprenticeshipsHis special sleigh is world-renowned for being the fastest to travel through the air in the space of one nightIt is thought that apprentices could thrive under his workshops tutelage and he would be a great employer to have on the panel

A leading group of aerospace employers are today making a cry for help to Santa’s Workshop to join its aerospace Trailblazer Group. The employer-led group, working alongside the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (the Institute) looks at apprenticeships in the sector and develops new ones to fit the skills need in the sector.

Training could really take off for Santa’s reindeer, if he joined as a trailblazer, and it would bring to the industry technology never seen before. The North Pole could lie in waiting for new apprentices, and annual journeys across the world could be an added incentive to become an aerospace apprentice.

Jonathan Mitchell, Deputy Director for Standards Development at the Institute, said:

“It is absolutely crucial that we have the best employers in our Trailblazer Group. Santa’s Workshop will add to the high calibre of employers we currently have in aerospace and I’m sure the group would hugely appreciate their input.
“By having an employer with a reputation like Santa’s Workshop on board, it could inspire young people to give the aerospace industry a chance to start a very successful career.”

For Background

  • The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education is an employer led crown Non-Departmental Public Body. We oversee the development, approval and publication of apprenticeship standards and assessment plans as well as the occupational maps for T Levels and apprenticeships.
  • The Aerospace Engineer apprenticeship has had 280 starts, the Aerospace Software Development Engineer apprenticeship has had 66 starts.
  • Groups of employers, termed ‘trailblazer groups’, develop new apprenticeship standards. Trailblazer groups also have a role in the subsequent reviews of apprenticeship standards, when we check if they are still required and fit-for-purpose.