T Level Outline Content - Changes

Since the development of the original Outline Content in 2020, there have been a number of changes to this T Level which are documented here along with the date they were updated. Providers and Employers are encouraged to refer to the TQ Specifications for this T Level, where all of the changes below are reflected in the content.

Item (page number in Outline Content)

Changes made since Outline Content

Approved by


Pathway Core (pp19-21)

Content merged into Route Core or Occupational Specialisms

Route Panel, April 2021


Employer Set Project and Core Skills (pp22-23)

Practical hand skills have been removed from the Core Skills and will not be assessed in the ESP

Route Panel, June 2021

Route Panel agreed that the assessment of hand skills in the Occupational Specialisms ensured coverage of Learners’ skills.

Occupational Specialism: Vehicles (p73)

Name changed to: Light and Electric Vehicles

Route Panel, April 2021


Occupational Specialism: Light and Electric Vehicles (p73)

The following standards only are included in this Specialism: Accident Repair Technician (STo352); Motor Vehicle Service & Maintenance Technician (Light Vehicle) (ST0033)

Route Panel, April 2021


Occupational Specialism: Energy  Utilities Technologies (p85)

Paused for review

Route Panel, February 2021


Knowledge and skills for each occupational specialism

Specific items of content have been removed from each occupational specialism. For the most part, this is due to duplication of content from the route core

Route Panel, June 2021

Each request to remove content due to duplication was reviewed by employers, IfATE subject matter experts, and the Route Panel prior to approval.

Updated 17/12/2021