Welcome to the institute for apprenticeships and technical education (IfATE)

Known as IfATE, we work with employers to develop, approve, review and revise apprenticeships and technical qualifications.

We are transforming and improving the skills system by putting employers at the heart and making it easier to navigate for all.

We follow expert guidance from thousands of large and small employers to deliver world-class apprenticeships, T Levels, and higher technical qualifications (HTQ).

All apprenticeships and T Levels are based on occupations recognised by employers. Working together we've built over 600 occupational standards across 15 occupational routes.

An occupational standard is a description of an occupation. It contains a profile, and describes the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed. There are 15 sectors we call occupational routes.

  • Agriculture, environmental and animal care
  • Business and administration
  • Care services
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Construction and the built environment
  • Creative and design
  • Digital
  • Education and childcare
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Hair and beauty
  • Health and science
  • Legal finance and accounting
  • Protective services
  • Sales marketing and procurement
  • Transport and logistics

These standards and routes are brought together in an occupational map. The occupational maps show where technical education can lead. There are 15 maps, one for each route.

IfATE was created in 2017 as an Arm’s Length Body of the Department for Education.

An independent chair oversees IfATE, leading a board of employers and business leaders to shape our work.

Our work aims to make sure apprenticeships and technical education are of the highest quality. This helps to give every employer and individual the skills they need to succeed.