Outline Content

During this process, the T Level Panels work to formulate the structure of the T Level. This includes a period of consultation and is completed when the Route Panels sign off the content.

Procurement Process

From the Invitation to Tender through to Contract Award, a further explanation of this process can be found here.

Contract Awarded

Successful Awarding Organisations will hold their T Level through an exclusive licence. Therefore, there will be one AO per pathway.

Qualification Development

This is the period where AOs work to flesh out the outline content designed by the T Level Panels. The AOs are required to hit three major milestones, at which points the qualification specifications will be viewed and commented upon by the Route Panels.

Ready to Teach

Once the qualification specification has been signed off, providers will work to ensure they are ready to deliver the T Level.


This T Level is available for students.