We welcome views on proposed outline content for the Technical Qualifications in Financial and Accounting T Levels. These content documents were developed by T Level panels of experts and will be used by an awarding body to develop the Technical Qualification for those T Levels.

The outline content for the first three T Levels (in Construction, Digital and Education and Childcare) has already been approved and published as part of the Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the first wave of T Level Technical Qualifications. These T Levels will be rolled out from September 2020.

T Levels are new two-year, technical study programmes that will be available across 11 industry routes. Alongside apprenticeships and A levels, T Levels will be one of the three major options available to students aged 16 – 19.

T Level panels of experts set out the knowledge and skills required for the Technical Qualification within each T Level, based on the same occupational standards as apprenticeships. This ensures that individuals taking T Levels can develop the technical knowledge and skills required by employers in that industry.  

The Institute oversees the development and approval of the standards, qualifications and occupational maps for T Levels and apprenticeships. In addition to their role in approving apprenticeship standards, the Institute’s Route Panels - made up of employers and industry experts – will scrutinise the outline content for all T Levels. The Institute will also award and manage contracts for the development of T Levels.

Why we are seeking your views

Draft outline content has been developed for the Technical Qualifications to be included in Financial and Accounting and legal T Levels:

What happens next

We will consider your responses as we scrutinise the outline content for the Financial and Accounting T Levels.