We welcome views from providers on draft outline content for 2 T Levels in Engineering and Manufacturing:

  • Maintenance, Installation and Repair
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Control

Why we are seeking your views

As providers, you’re best placed to feedback on the suitability of courses, which is crucial in developing the detailed qualification specification and allocating funding to each course.

Your feedback will help us find out:

  • The number of hours we might expect the content covered to take (from your teaching experience)
  • The suitability of the content for teaching in a study-based setting
  • If there are gaps in content or content that is unnecessary
  • Whether the content will provide good preparation for skilled employment
  • Whether this content would provide a good preparation for students to go on to higher education in a relevant area
  • The differing levels of prior attainment required

What are T Levels

T Levels are new two-year, technical study programmes that will be available across 11 industry routes. Alongside apprenticeships and A levels, T Levels will be one of the three major options available to students aged 16 – 19.

T Level panels of experts set out the knowledge and skills required for each T Level, based on the same occupational standards as apprenticeships. This ensures that individuals taking T Levels can develop the technical knowledge and skills required by employers in that industry.  

The outline content for the first T Levels  (in Education and Childcare, Construction,  Digital, and Health and Science) has already been approved and published, and forms part of the Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the first wave of T Level Technical Qualifications. These T Levels will be rolled out from September 2020.

We are now consulting on the outline content for a further two T Levels, which will form part of a batch that will be rolled out from 2022 onward.

The Institute for Apprenticeships oversees the development and approval of the standards, qualifications and occupational maps for T Levels and apprenticeships. In addition to their role in approving apprenticeship standards, the Institute’s Route Panels - made up of employers and industry experts – are scrutinising the outline content for all T Levels. The Institute will also award and manage contracts for the development of T Levels.

Draft outline content


What happens next

We will publish the final content for these T Level pathways in 2020.