The Institute is responsible for ensuring that high-quality apprenticeships and technical education is available to learners.

The Route Reviews help us to do this.  They help us to take an overview of the Route and specific standards that are in scope, so we can ensure that apprenticeships standards continue to meet our occupational requirements, are relevant and are up to date, and deliver for employers and apprentices.  

This Review

The Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care Route Review has now been announced. This will look at the Route’s Occupational Map as well as the following apprenticeship standards:


The consultation for this route closed on 8 January 2020. We will review the occupational map, and assess this standard against the Institute’s current approval criteria, taking into consideration feedback from the consultation.

We will publish our recommendations in Summer 2020 and agree an 12-month timetable for Trailblazers to update their standards after this. The review will formally conclude in summer 2021.


If you have any questions about these standards please contact us