The Institute is responsible for ensuring that high-quality apprenticeships and technical education are available to learners.

The route reviews and occupational maps help us to do this.  They help us to take an overview of the route and specific apprenticeships that are in scope, so we can ensure that apprenticeships continue to meet our occupational requirements, are relevant and are up to date, and deliver for employers and apprentices.

The Institute has announced the restart of certain route reviews but due to the impact of COVID-19 on the health and science route, this review is still postponed. 

We will provide further information in due course; however, should you have any questions please contact us.


Our route reviews are:

  1. Focussed – our review will focus strategically on the route, the occupational map and apprenticeships in scope. The outcomes of the review may highlight changes which are required to the apprenticeships and the aligned assessment plans.
  2. Employer-led – responses from our consultation and engagement with employers will inform our recommendations. The recommendations will be reviewed by the Institute’s route panel.
  3. Open and transparent – we will engage with stakeholders throughout the review process and following the review recommendations will agree on a suitable timetable for trailblazers to update apprenticeships
  4. Joined up – our review will ensure the recommendations support the different technical education products, such as T Levels and higher technical qualifications

The following criteria are used to determine which apprenticeships are in scope for the review:

  • apprenticeships which were approved for delivery prior to the establishment of the Institute in April 2017 and have not been significantly updated since
  • apprenticeships where concerns have been raised over the content
  • apprenticeships that did not comply with the Institute’s occupational requirements