The following resources are available to support awarding bodies in making their applications.

Knowledge, skills and behaviours coverage within the qualification

Download the KSB mapping spreadsheet for the route your qualification falls under.

Please identify which KSB statements from the occupational standard are covered within the qualification.

Full instructions are included on the spreadsheet for ease of use offline.

Upload a completed version of your KSB mapping to the evidence upload page of the application form.

If you need any help, please contact us at

Introductory Webinar for cycle 2

Application form walkthrough for cycle 2

Introductory Webinar for cycle 3

Individual support sessions

Booking is now open for the one-to-one sessions with the Institute 

If you have questions, please contact and we will aim to respond within two working days.

For reference only – please use the online form for submission

Higher Technical Qualification - cycle two - offline application form

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