We are pleased to announce that the next approvals window for Higher Technical Qualifications will open on 16 February 2022 and close on 29 July 2022. This approvals cycle will cover:

  • Business and administration
  • Construction
  • Digital
  • Education and childcare
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Health & science
  • Legal, finance & accounting

Further information and timelines will be communicated shortly. In the meantime, we strongly recommend applicants begin aligning their qualifications to occupational standards ahead of the window opening. We encourage applicants to book support sessions prior to submitting their application.

You can find further information on available support on our support and resources page. Please email the approvals team at HTQ.approvals@education.gov.uk for further information, guidance, or support.

1. Available standards

Below is a list of standards in scope for cycle 3 of the Higher Technical Qualification approvals process. Standards are categorised as follows:

  • Standards in scope are highly likely to be included in cycle 3 with minor or no changes to standard anticipated
  • ‘Contact us’ standards may be revised before or during cycle 3. Qualifications submitted against these standards may need revising during or after the approval process. You may be asked to align your qualification to a draft standard.
  • Standards out of scope are likely to have significant changes/revisions before or during cycle 3. These standards are highly unlikely to be included in cycle 3.

This list will be kept under review. We will confirm the final list of standards in scope by January 2022.

Business and administration

In scope

  • Coaching Professional (level 5) (ST0809)
  • Community Energy Specialist (level 4) (ST0092)
  • Corporate responsibility and sustainability practitioner (level 4) (ST0934)
  • Dental Practice Manager (level 4) (ST0109)
  • Employability Practitioner (level 4) (ST0663)
  • HR consultant partner (level 5) (ST0238)
  • Improvement practitioner (level 4) (ST0192)
  • Improvement specialist (level 5) (ST0555)
  • Information Manager (level 4) (ST0762)
  • Learning and development consultant business partner (level 5) (ST0563)
  • Operations or departmental manager (level 5) (ST0385)
  • Quality Practitioner (level 4) (ST0853)
  • Regulatory Compliance Officer (level 4) (ST0430)
  • Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner (level 4) (ST0602)
  • School Business Professional (level 4) (ST0575)
  • Trade Union Official (level 4) (ST0815)

Contact us

  • Associate Project Manager (level 4) (ST0310)
  • Junior Management Consultant (level 4) (ST0273)
  • Policy Officer (level 4) (ST0526)


In scope

  • Acoustics technician (level 4) (ST0613)
  • BEMS (Building energy management systems) controls engineer (level 4) (ST0629)
  • Building services engineering technician (level 4) (ST0041)
  • Construction design and build technician (level 4) (ST0043)
  • Construction quantity surveying technician (level 4) (ST0049)
  • Construction site engineering technician (level 4) (ST0046)
  • Construction site supervisor (level 4) (ST0048)
  • Facilities manager (level 4) (ST0484)
  • Land referencer (level 4) (ST0877)


In scope

  • Business analyst (level 4) (ST0117)
  • Cyber-security technologist (level 4) (ST0124)
  • Data analyst (level 4) (ST0118)
  • DevOps engineer (level 4) (ST0825)
  • Digital accessibility specialist (level 4) (ST0863)
  • Digital community manager (level 4) (ST0345)
  • Network engineer (level 4) (ST0127)
  • Software developer (level 4) (ST0116)
  • Software tester (level 4) (ST0129)

Education and childcare

In scope

  • Assessor Coach (level 4) (ST0146)
  • Level 5 Early Years Lead Practitioner (level 5) (ST0551)

Contact us

  • Learning and Skills Teacher (level 5) (ST0149)

Engineering and manufacturing

In scope

  • Automation & Controls Engineering Technician (level 4) (ST0662)
  • Asset manager (level 4) (ST0861)
  • Brewer (level 4) (ST0580)
  • Engineer Surveyor (level 4) (ST0847)
  • Engineering Manufacturing Technician (level 4) (ST0841)
  • Fashion and textiles product technologist (level 4) (ST0540)
  • Food and Drink Engineer (level 5) (ST0624)
  • Metal Recycling Technical Manager (MRTM) (level 5) (ST0823)
  • Mineral Products Technician (level 5) (ST0605)
  • Ordnance Munitions Explosives Technician (level 4) (ST0833)
  • Process leader (level 4) (ST0695)
  • Space Engineering Technician (level 4) (ST0855)
  • Technical dyer and colourist (level 4) (ST0678)
  • Textile Technical Specialist (level 4) (ST0581)
  • Vehicle Damage Assessor (level 4) (ST0406)

Out of scope

  • Aircraft Certifying Technician (level 4) (ST0019)
  • High Speed Rail and Infrastructure Technician (level 4) (ST0528)
  • Nuclear Technician (level 5) (ST0380)
  • Rail and Rail Systems Engineer (level 5) (ST0495)
  • Rail engineering advanced technician (level 4) (ST0316)
  • Road Transport engineering manager (level 4) (ST0066)

Contact us

  • Advanced Dairy Technologist (level 5) (ST0393)
  • Electrical power networks engineer (level 4) (ST0475)
  • Electrical power protection and plant commissioning engineer (level 4) (ST0157)
  • Nuclear welding inspection technician (level 4) (ST0292)
  • Propulsion Technician (level 4) (ST0588)

Health & science

In scope

  • Associate ambulance practitioner (level 4) (ST0287)
  • Associate continuing healthcare practitioner (level 5) (ST0786)
  • Clinical dental technician (Integrated) (level 5) (ST0543)
  • Dental technician (integrated) (level 5) (ST0108)
  • Health play specialist (level 5) (ST0829)
  • Healthcare assistant practitioner (level 5) (ST0215)
  • Healthcare science associate (level 4) (ST0220)
  • Hearing aid dispenser (level 5) (ST0600)
  • Hygiene specialist (level 4) (ST0873)
  • Mammography associate (level4) (ST0583)
  • Nursing associate (NMC 2018) (level 5) (ST0827)
  • Oral health practitioner (level 4) (ST0542)
  • Orthodontic therapist (integrated) (level 4) (ST0701)
  • Rehabilitation worker (visual impairment) (level 5) (ST0431)
  • Senior metrology technician (level 5) (ST0283)
  • Sports coach (level 4) (ST0770)
  • Technician scientist (level 5) (ST0597)

Legal, finance and accounting

In scope

  • Conveyancing Technician (level 4) (ST0100)
  • Financial Advisor (level 4) (ST0374)
  • Insurance Professional (level 4) (ST0241)
  • Internal Audit Practitioner (level 4) (ST0587)
  • Investment Operations Specialist (level 4) (ST0180)
  • Paraplanner (level 4) (ST0183)
  • Payroll Assistant Manager (level 4) (ST0869)
  • Probate Technician (level 4) (ST0102)
  • Professional Accounting or Taxation Technician (level 4) (ST0003)

Contact us

  • Actuarial Technician (level 4) (ST0004)

2. Approvals process and timeline

The application window for cycle 3 will open at midday on 16 February 2022 and close on 29 July 2022 at 5pm. Applicants submitting early will have more time to refine their submission ahead of the resubmission deadline. Early submissions may be approved ahead of final outcomes in summer 2023. Applicants with approved qualifications can begin notifying delivery partners ahead of published outcomes, allowing more time to build up learner and centre numbers.

Approvals timelines

Higher Technical Qualifications approvals process: key stages

Pre-application window:

  • support sessions for applicants
  • applicants gather evidence from employers in preparation to submit completed applications   

Application window opens: 16 February 2022 at 12pm

  • application window opens- applicants can submit applications as soon as they are ready, at which point Institute officials will begin their review
  • ongoing support sessions for applicants

Application window closes: 29 July at 5pm 

  • any remaining applications submitted
  • consultation and review phases underway for applications submitted before the deadline

Once your application is submitted:

Institute review and consultation

  • some qualifications may be shared with industry expert peer reviewers for input
  • Ofqual and OfS advise Institute. Ofqual may hold meetings with relevant awarding organisations.
  • officials conduct analysis against criteria and put advice to route panels
  • route panel meet and make recommendations


  • Institute provides feedback on application and copyright transfer
  • some qualifications may be approved
  • some qualifications may require amendments in order to meet some outstanding criteria
  • some qualifications may not be approved

Resubmission of required changes

  • qualifications resubmitted with required amendments
  • Institute analysis against criteria

Approved qualifications confirmed

  • final list of approved qualifications published
  • applicants reconfirm understanding of terms & conditions of approval
  • applicants can start using the HTQ quality mark to promote their qualifications