For trailblazer chair

To be read aloud, by the chairperson, to the attendees at the start of every meeting:

I would remind you that:

  1. This meeting and group are gathered in accordance with the published Institute guidance regarding trailblazer groups
  2. We have a responsibility to the Institute and our employers to keep discussions within the guidance and today’s meeting agenda
  3. In no circumstances should our discussion:
    1. include any consensus discussion of individual corporate strategy or pricing policy
    2. extend to any kind of volume or price data (e.g. price levels, discounts, policies or margins) or customer-specific information or other commercial sensitive information such as may enable any of us, our employers or training provider partners to adjust their competitive behaviour
    3. reveal the commercial circumstances or contractual relationship between our employer and one of our employers customers or suppliers
  4. As your chairperson, I will intervene to halt any discussion that contravenes these competition compliance guidelines.
  5. The meeting minutes will record that this guidance was read out and agreed at the start of the meeting