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The Institute’s travel fund for small employers is to support the involvement of small businesses in the work of apprenticeship trailblazers.

The fund is open to small employer trailblazer members (that is with under 50 employees) to claim costs for travel where:

  • attendance at a meeting is critical
  • the meeting will cover discussion of apprenticeship standards, end-point assessment plans, supplying provider quotes or implementation
  • options for conducting the meeting remotely have been fully explored and ruled out

As a guide, claims will be paid for a maximum of two attendees per employer at each trailblazer meeting.

We expect you take appropriate and justifiable spending decisions, weighing up the balance between value for money and trailblazer benefit. You should not benefit or be out of pocket as a result of undertaking business travel as part of a trailblazer.

All travel and subsistence claims should be based on receipted costs incurred as a result of travel between your home or office and an eligible meeting. We expect all expenditure to be supported by original itemised receipts.

As the fund is small, and in order to ensure robust management of public money, we will keep eligibility under review.

If you are unsure about whether an expense is eligible, in the first instance, you should check with your relationship manager (RM), ideally before the expenditure is incurred.

Claims will be processed at the beginning of each month. We reserve the right to refuse unreasonable claims for expenses which fall outside the entitlements criteria.

To claim, you will need to complete a travel claim from and bank details form.

Travel claim form

Claimants must complete a travel claim form.

The claim form and original itemised receipts, should be sent to the address below, within 28 days of the expense being incurred:

Small Business Travel Fund (Lily Anderson)

Standards Development Team

Institute for Apprenticeships

151 Buckingham Palace Road



Bank details form

Claimants must also submit bank details before a claim can be made.

We are unable to make travel claim payments until bank details have been received.

You only need to submit bank details once or if you need to update the details.

Please follow the link below to submit your bank details.



Travel claim entitlements

Rail travel

We will pay for any actual costs incurred for rail travel, on the basis that:

  • tickets are purchased as far in advance as possible and for the least cost possible
  • first Class rail travel will not be covered by the Institute in full or in part unless doing so would constitute a ‘reasonable adjustment’ under the Equality Act (for example due to injury or pregnancy)


If you use your own car (or another suitable vehicle such as a motorcycle) for travelling to a trailblazer meeting, you can claim motor mileage allowance.

We will pay the following rates allowable under the HM Revenue and Customs Approved Mileage Allowance Payment (AMAP) scheme.

Cars and Vans

Standard rate for the first 10,000 miles in the tax year

45p per mile

Lower standard rate for each additional mile over 10,000 miles

25p per mile


24p per mile


20p per mile

The standard rate of motor mileage allowance is paid if:

  • you are driving your own car
  • you are using the car for a journey where it is reasonable and cost effective to travel by car
  • you have suitable comprehensive insurance which allows for business use
  • you have not exceeded the current 10,000-mile per tax year threshold


The lower standard rate of motor mileage allowance is paid if:

  • you have exceeded the 10,000-mile threshold at standard rate, or
  • you have only third party insurance cover which allows for business use, or
  • you are using the car for a journey where it was not cost-effective or reasonable to do so, or where there are suitable and convenient public transport alternatives

We reserve the right to reject a mileage claim, where there is clear evidence that other forms of transport offer better value for money and represent better use of public money. If you are unsure whether this applies to your claim, please speak to your RM.


When you use your vehicle for business, you must have adequate insurance cover which allows business use. When claiming mileage allowance, you must declare that you understand the insurance requirements and that you have adequate cover.

The Institute does not accept or have any liability in the event of any accident, damage, injury or death, beyond that which would exist if the car had not been used. Any additional liability that arises as a result of an individual using their own car has to be insured by the individual.

Garage expenses, tolls and ferries

If you use a car on Trailblazer business you can claim the cost of garaging and parking fees, Congestion Zone charges, tolls and ferry charges. The rules vary depending on the motor mileage allowance payable, as follows:

  • for journeys which attract standard rate, full cost may be reimbursed. Receipts should be produced (but not for parking meter charges which will be reimbursed without receipts)
  • in other cases, the full cost may be met only if the total of the mileage allowance and the other charges does not exceed the cost of the journey by public transport

Domestic flight

We are committed to spending taxpayers’ money wisely. As such, the most economical method of travel must always be considered. Approval for the use of a domestic flight must be sought from your RM prior to travel.

A domestic flight should only be used for journeys greater than 250 miles and selected on the basis of:

  • value for money
  • convenience
  • the absence of more practical or cheaper forms of transport

Further queries

If you have any further queries, please email: Enquiries.IFA@education.gov.uk.



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