Employers are at the centre of the process for designing and delivering apprenticeships. They play a crucial role in developing apprenticeship standards via trailblazer groups.  In addition employers are involved in route panels and play a key role in the Institute board.


The apprenticeship standards are designed by groups of employers, known as trailblazers, to meet their own skills needs and those of their sector more widely. Trailblazers groups are made up of employers and can be supported by professional bodies and trade associations. 

Route panels

Route panels are made up of employers and experts from specific industry sectors, to represent the route. They come together to review and approve the quality of standards for apprenticeships and make sure they provide the right basis for future employment.

The route panels are a great opportunity for employers and experts to bring their knowledge to the table and make their voices heard. View our route panels.

Institute board

Our board is comprised of an independent chair who leads a board of employers, business leaders and their representatives, to ensure employers continue to improve apprenticeship quality to the highest level.