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A proposal to develop an apprenticeship standard for this occupation is currently being worked on.

What happens next?

A Trailblazer group of employers are preparing to submit a proposal to develop an apprenticeship standard for this occupation. This proposal will be subject to our approval process and if agreed, will appear on our list of standards in development.

How can I get involved?

If you'd like to get involved and contribute to the development of this proposal, please read about developing an occupational proposal. You can email the Relationship manager contact using the details on this page.

Reference Number: ST0667

Details of standard

The development of this proposal is currently on hold whilst the Trailblazer works with the Institute and the Department for Education to determine the viability of using the inherent flexibility within the current cross-sector suite of leadership and management standards to enable their contextualised delivery to meet the needs of schools. 

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Status: Proposal in development
Proposal approved Standard approved Assessment plan approved
Level: 7
Degree: TBC
Reference: ST0667
Route: Education and childcare
Typical duration: 12 months
Relationship Manager contact: Sally.TIMMINS@education.gov.uk

Version log

Version Date updated Change Previous version
1 16/11/2018 Initial Creation N/A