The Institute is passionate about delivering quality apprenticeships and technical education to support employers, potential apprentices and the economy as a whole. We are proud of our progress so far in developing our capability to deliver these core functions and in helping to realise this potential.

The board has set the vision for the organisation and intend to realize this through three strategic principles: efficient, quality solutions; collaborative relationships; and building credibility and transforming the landscape. By adhering to these principles, the Institute will continue to be focused not only on continuously improving its own approach but supporting and working in collaboration with others to transform apprenticeships and technical education.

Our strategic principles

Efficient, quality solutions

Efficient and effective systems which continuously improve the delivery of the Institute’s accountabilities for technical education, ensuring credible and enduring technical qualifications within T Levels and timely, quality occupational standards and assessment plans that remain relevant and meet the needs of employers and apprentices, and which are supported by funding band recommendations. 

Our aspirations:

That the Institute will be recognised as an efficient and highly effective organisation, that consistently delivers high-quality, employer driven, technical qualifications and apprenticeships that employers want to transform the skills landscape in England. 

By 2023 the Institute will have:

  • developed comprehensive occupational maps that provide a structure and basis for the design of relevant apprenticeship standards and technical qualifications that meet employers’ current and future needs;
  • supported the development of an inventory of relevant, high-quality, apprenticeship standards across all sectors of the economy that are reviewed appropriately;
  • led the design and procurement of quality technical qualifications within T levels and be ensuring their effectively delivery;
  • established a framework for the provision of timely and effective external quality assurance (EQA) of apprenticeship standards;
  • effective digital systems which make for easy and efficient interactions between the Institute and its partners as well as supporting the analysis and review of internal performance data;
  • embedded a culture of continuous improvement and learning;
  • operations which remain sufficiently flexible and adaptable to meet any changes in governmental or sectoral priorities.

Collaborative relationships

Establishing and harnessing effective relationships to ensure broad engagement and understanding with all stakeholders. These relationships will amplify the Institute’s impact and create an open and transparent organisation which has a leading role in developing and promoting quality apprenticeships and technical qualifications.  Releasing the potential of our staff by building an Institute that is a destination and brilliant place to work.

Our aspirations:

That the Institute will develop productive, collaborative relationships with its external stakeholders whilst creating an open, transparent and vibrant place to work where everyone is supported to realise their potential. 

By 2023 the Institute will have:

  • established a clear understanding of its role amongst all stakeholders and be engaged in effective working relationships that appropriately inform and shape the work of the Institute;
  • through excellence, professionalism, independence and strong collaborative relationships, established a reputation as a good organisation to work with, particularly for Route Panels and Trailblazer groups;
  • increased transparency of the how we operate our processes and arrive at recommendations, particularly around the advice provided to the Department for Education on funding bands;
  • continued the improvement of apprenticeship provision quality through leadership and development of the Quality Alliance;
  • extended the Institute’s reputation as a great place to work, where staff are motivated, committed, fulfilled and engaged.

Building credibility and transforming the landscape

Increasing the Institute’s impact, influence and reputation for the benefit of the Technical Education reform programme by delivering lasting and sustained positive effect through the insight and evidence we provide, the clarity with which we present it and the support we give to our stakeholders.

Our aspirations:

That the Institute will have established itself as a credible, responsive authority on apprenticeships and technical education, able and ready to deploy influence that has lasting impact that brings genuine benefit.  By 2020 we will have developed this capability and be showing significant progress as a leading organisation in shaping technical education. 

By 2023 the Institute will have:

  • a leading role in establishing apprenticeships and technical education as a critical component of the solution to improving skills and productivity in England;
  • shaped and responded to change and developed with agility and foresight;
  • a reputation for providing responsive, transparent, evidence-based high-quality advice and decisions that lead to better outcomes for employers and apprentices;
  • recognition as a leading organisation in the reform of technical education through evidence-based, authoritative and innovative analysis and comment on apprenticeships and technical education.

Alongside the strategic plan, the Institute has also published its business plan for 2019 to 2020. This plan, which can be found on our website, provides the Institute’s corporate objectives for the current financial year and the high-level performance measures by which progress will be monitored. All are derived from the Institute’s strategic principles and, ultimately, from our mission of ‘improving access to high-quality apprenticeships and technical education in order to transform the skills landscape’.